Customize Your Wedding Gown

As every wedding is different, so is every bride. Let us customize your gown and personalize it especially to you.

What we offer:

  • Sleeves and Straps

  • Add a wide variety of sleeves or straps to secure your dress and make you feel comfortable on your big day.
  • Corset Backs

  • Replace that boring zipper back with a beautiful corset back. This is also a great solution if your gown fits a little too snug. We can even add a pop of colour to your dress by matching your-lace up to your bridal colours.
  • Personalized Embroidery

  • Sew a little hidden message on your groom’s pocket square, your garter, sash, bridesmaids’ gifts or into your gown to add sentimental meaning to your wedding day.
    • Your Ideas

    • Do you have a unique personal idea on how to enhance your wedding gown? Let us help you turn it into a reality. Book an appointment today!


  • Crinolines

  • Enhance the silhouette of your gown with the perfect crinoline. We can even sew the crinoline right into your gown to reduce undergarment layers.
  • Add a Sash

  • Adding a sash, ribbon, or bow to your gown can give it that personal touch it needs to complete the look. Use your bridal colours to add a little flare, such as an adorable bow, to add some fun!
  • Embellishments

  • Is your gown a little plain? Why not enhance it with customized beading, applique or lace? Work together with our professional team for this unique personal touch.
  • Customize Your Veils

  • Add a little lace or some beading to your veil to match your gown perfectly!