Preloved Wedding Gowns

Now that your wedding is over, why not make someone else’s dream come true and make some money back on your dress? Buying and selling wedding dresses is simple at Luz Solutions. Let us connect a fortunate bride-to-be with your dress

How it works:

  • We will stock your dress in our showroom for up to six months, giving new brides the opportunity to try it on
  • Once sold we take our commission which is 50%
  • We then send you a cheque for your share of the sale

Terms & Conditions:

  • We only accept dresses that are under 2 years old
  • The dress MUST be dry cleaned and be in good condition
  • We only take Wedding Gowns – We cannot take in any other dresses (bridesmaid/evening/mother of the bride), or accessories
  • It is always at our discretion if we take a dress in or not

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